21 Actors Who Have Used Method Acting To Prepare For Roles

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By Eliza Grace

Method acting, a highly discussed and often divisive approach in Hollywood, involves actors immersing themselves emotionally and mentally into their characters.

This technique has elicited strong opinions from industry veterans, sparking debates that have persisted for decades. Some celebrate the approach as a way to bring authenticity to performances, while others criticize its potential psychological toll.

Here, we delve into a list of actors who have embraced immersive acting at various points in their careers, showcasing their commitment to their craft.

Al Pacino: Channelling Realism in “Scent of a Woman”

In 1992’s “Scent of a Woman,” Al Pacino played a blind man, Lt. Col. Frank Slade.

To prepare for the role, Pacino sought advice from the sight-impaired and even attended a school for the blind. He took his dedication further by living his daily life as if he were truly blind, both on and off set. You should also read Make Room for Daddy’ Was the O.G. Comedian Comedy.

Jeremy Strong: Embracing Real-Life Ordeals

Jeremy Strong, known for his role as Kendall Roy in “Succession,” doesn’t label himself a method actor, but he believes in experiencing his character’s challenges. For “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” he requested to be roughed up and sprayed with real tear gas.

In “Armageddon Time,” he shadowed a handyman, and for “The Judge,” he spent time with a person who is autistic, personalizing his approach.

Jared Leto: Extreme Transformations

Jared Leto has a reputation for extreme acting techniques. For “Suicide Squad,” he played the Joker and reportedly played pranks on co-stars.

In “Morbius,” he remained in character between takes, using crutches or a wheelchair, causing production delays. Leto is known for undergoing drastic physical changes, such as weight loss and gain, for various roles.

Robert De Niro: Exemplifying Method Acting

Robert De Niro is often cited as a prominent method actor. Notably, he extensively studied cab drivers for his role in “Taxi Driver,” and for “Raging Bull,” he underwent rigorous weight training to convincingly portray a boxer.

His commitment to characters and willingness to undergo physical transformations showcase his dedication. You may also tak a look at No More Bets Sweeps China’s Box Office with $101.1 Million Weekend Triumph.

Lady Gaga: A Total Immersion in “House of Gucci”

In “House of Gucci,” Lady Gaga fully committed to the character of Patrizia Reggiani. She adopted an Italian accent on and off-camera for nine months and lived her character’s life for a year and a half.

Gaga’s dedication led to her struggling with psychological adjustments when transitioning back to her real-life persona.

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