Albert Alarr Exits ‘Days of Our Lives’ After Misconduct Investigation

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In a significant shift for the beloved NBC soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” Albert Alarr, who has been an executive producer for the show for two decades, has departed from his role.

This decision follows a thorough internal review conducted by Sony Pictures Television, the production company behind the show.

Stepping into this pivotal role is Janet Drucker, a seasoned producer with an enduring connection to the show, having been a part of its creative team since the 1980s. Her elevation to co-executive producer marks a notable chapter in the show’s evolution.

Ken Corday, the head of Corday Productions, which oversees “Days of Our Lives,” communicated this change to the show’s dedicated cast and crew members in a statement released on a recent Friday.

This development comes on the heels of ongoing public discussions about Alarr’s management style, prompting the need for a leadership reevaluation.

As reported by Deadline in July, Alarr had faced allegations of fostering a toxic work environment on set, with accusations of creating discomfort among staff members and additional claims.

These allegations fueled conversations around the soap opera’s workplace culture, ultimately leading to this transition.

In response to these concerns, Corday expressed a commitment to introducing heightened Human Resources (HR) protocols.

These new measures include an increased HR presence and established channels for the reporting of any concerns. The priority is to cultivate a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all individuals associated with the show.

With a steadfast dedication to the show’s legacy, Corday is resolute in steering “Days of Our Lives” into this new era of leadership.

The transition to co-executive producer Janet Drucker signifies a deliberate step toward promoting positive workplace dynamics.

This leadership change is seamlessly integrated into the show’s production timeline, with filming set to resume on schedule the following Monday. Notably, a pre-planned hiatus remains on the calendar for the week of August 14th.

In light of these changes, “Days of Our Lives” is poised for a fresh start under Janet Drucker’s co-executive producer guidance.

Corday Productions and its entire team are unwavering in their commitment to delivering captivating storytelling while upholding the values of respect, inclusivity, and professionalism.

Sincerely, Ken Corday

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