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Step into the world of “Perry Mason” Season Two, where the intricate and immersive set designs transport viewers to a bygone era.

From the sprawling Hooverville shantytown to the lavish interiors of Camilla Nygaard’s mansion, each location plays a pivotal role in shaping the characters’ stories.

Let’s delve into the remarkable craftsmanship that brought these spaces to life.

Hooverville: A Glimpse into Desolation and Hope

Mason’s clients, Rafael and Mateo Gallardo, find themselves accused of a grave crime amidst the backdrop of Hooverville – a sprawling makeshift village that tugs at the heartstrings. Production designer Keith P.

Cunningham masterfully recreated this Depression-era shantytown in Santa Clarita, complete with 15 to 18 meticulously detailed structures.

The set’s labyrinthine layout adds a layer of authenticity, while the VFX team skillfully expanded its horizons through computer-generated imagery.

This expansive and shockingly large Hooverville becomes a character in its own right, capturing the desperation and resilience of its inhabitants.

Unveiling Perry’s Evolving Workspace

Mason’s office, once belonging to his mentor E.B. Jonathan, embodies the ethos of the 1930s. Set decorator Halina Siwolop notes that Perry’s reluctance to alter the space speaks volumes about his character. With only minor additions, the office serves as a testament to the legacy left by E.B. Jonathan.

As Perry steps into his role as a lawyer, the office becomes a canvas for his transformation, embracing a lighter touch that symbolizes his emergence.

Camilla Nygaard’s Opulent Abode: Secrets and Antiquities

The enigmatic antagonist of the season, Camilla Nygaard, personifies new-money opulence. Hope Davis’s portrayal is perfectly complemented by her character’s living room, filled with curated antiquities from her global travels.

Set decorator Halina Siwolop creatively sources decor, inviting viewers to ponder whether these treasures were collected or acquired more illicitly.

Architect Paul Revere Williams’ Beverly Hills home lays the foundation for the set, but modern renovations prompt a departure from contemporary aesthetics.

Siwolop’s team skillfully strips away modern elements, breathing life into Camilla’s decadent world.

Anita St. Pierre: Blurring Boundaries with Style

The vibrant character of Anita St. Pierre, portrayed by Jen Tullock, exudes charisma and flair. Her Palm Springs retreat becomes a visual expression of her personality, curated from Los Angeles’ prop houses and Pasadena’s antique markets.

Anita’s dynamic presence seamlessly bridges elite social circles and the underground queer scene, highlighting the intricate layers of her character.

By imbuing spaces with nuanced subtext, the set designers add depth to the characters’ journeys.

In “Perry Mason” Season Two, the sets serve as more than just backgrounds – they’re integral components of the narrative, reflecting the characters’ growth and challenges.

With an unwavering commitment to historical accuracy and creative ingenuity, the production team has crafted an immersive experience that captivates audiences and transports them to a vividly recreated past.

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