Emotional Exit: Danielle Harold’s Heartfelt National Television Award Win for Lola’s Cancer Journey on EastEnders!

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By Bella Kapulkin

Danielle Harold’s departure from EastEnders, marked by her character Lola Pearce-Brown’s emotional cancer journey storyline, earned her a National Television Award on Tuesday night, September 5. The Serial Drama Performance award recognized her outstanding portrayal of Lola’s tragic battle with advanced brain cancer and her subsequent terminal diagnosis.

In a heartfelt speech, Danielle expressed her gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support and the show’s producers who brought Lola to life when she joined EastEnders in 2011.

The storyline was a collaborative effort with Brain Tumour Research and Macmillan Cancer Support, aiming to depict the authentic experiences of individuals facing terminal cancer. You may also read Iconic Musician Gary Wright.

Lola’s poignant journey continued as the soap continued to pay tribute to her memory, even featuring a cameo appearance by Danielle Harold in scenes with Lola’s on-screen daughter Lexi.

Danielle commended EastEnders for providing her with such a powerful exit storyline, acknowledging it as the most challenging work she had ever done. She also urged the audience to donate to Brain Cancer Research, emphasizing the importance of supporting this cause.

Having portrayed Lola Pearce for 12 years on EastEnders, Danielle’s character met a tragic end after her heartbreaking battle with brain cancer. Lola’s deteriorating health was portrayed realistically, culminating in her devastating death in a May episode.

Fans of the show enthusiastically congratulated Danielle for her exceptional performance and expressed their appreciation for Lola’s character.

As Danielle departs from the soap, she is eager to explore new opportunities in the world of drama. She looks forward to auditioning for roles with a defined beginning, middle, and end to the story, a departure from the ongoing nature of a soap opera.

Regarding the possibility of venturing into reality TV, Danielle remains uncertain but is excited about the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

Receiving her National Television Award, Danielle expressed her deep appreciation for the honor, highlighting how much it meant to her. You should also check Shocking Clemson Football Upset.

Danielle previously revealed the challenges of filming the episode in which Lola dies, describing it as emotionally taxing yet beautifully written. She found the scene of Lola’s death to be the most difficult part of her acting career, as it required her to immerse herself in a mindset she had never experienced before.

Reflecting on her time on EastEnders, Danielle expressed both the draining and exhilarating aspects of her journey, as well as her excitement for the new chapter in her career. The Lola chapter is now closed for both the character and the actress, providing her with a fresh sense of motivation for what lies ahead.

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