Ethics Policy

Sams On Ovasha’s Commitment to Accuracy, Fairness, and Transparency

At Sams On Ovasha, our primary goal is to provide you with factual, well-rounded information. We aim to present all sides of a story with precision, context, and clarity.


We prioritize accuracy in our reporting. Before any content is published, we verify sources and fact-check thoroughly. Our articles go through multiple reviews to ensure correctness. While we strive for accuracy, there might be occasional technical or typographical errors. If significant errors occur due to human judgment, we promptly correct them through a correction, clarification, or editor’s note.


Fairness is at the core of our values. All our team members are expected to uphold this standard. We aim to present a balanced view, accurately portraying the motives of sources. Our coverage maintains a fair tone and language, fostering an environment of impartiality.

A story is fair when it includes all relevant facts, excludes irrelevant details, and avoids misleading the reader. We ensure that individuals or institutions mentioned in our stories have the opportunity to respond to any claims or allegations, giving them a fair chance to address the issues.


Transparency builds trust. Sams On Ovasha is committed to avoiding conflicts of interest whenever possible.

We do not accept gifts from our news sources, whether in material or non-material form. We also do not receive payments from governments, government-related bodies, political parties, or entities with positions on contentious matters.

Our reporters and editors refrain from receiving any form of payment or favor from individuals, companies, institutions, or organizations they cover.

Additionally, we expect accurate attribution for all content published on our website. Anonymous sources are only used as a last resort, with approval from the editor-in-chief. In such cases, our team ensures the source’s credibility and accessibility are appropriately characterized.