Exclusive Sneak Peek: Unveiling the Sleek & Streamlined PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ Variant through Leaked Video Footage

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By Johnni Macke

Lately, Sony’s upcoming addition to their console lineup has become an open secret, with the company seemingly poised to unveil new offerings.

Throughout its history, Sony has maintained a pattern of introducing iterations of their current-gen consoles, encompassing anything from refined designs to more potent versions like the previous generation’s PS4 Pro.

While it’s prudent to approach unsubstantiated rumors circumspectly, a series of reports have been making the rounds for months regarding Sony’s intentions to launch a PlayStation 5 Pro and a Slim version within this ongoing generation.

Despite the absence of official confirmations from the company, the adage “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” often holds true.

In May 2023, reports emerged proposing that the purported PS5 Pro might come with a substantial price tag of £700, sparking concerns among enthusiasts. Additional sources also hinted at a potential release window for the PS5 Pro in 2024.

Moreover, a curious turn of events emerged due to the Microsoft vs. FTC court battle over the Activision Blizzard takeover in the US. You should also check Keith David to Take Over as Voice Actor for Destiny’s Commander Zavala.

Surprisingly, Microsoft announced on behalf of Sony that a PS5 Slim is in the works and is expected to hit the market by year-end, priced around $300.

Adding more credence to these rumors, a purported “first look” of the speculated PlayStation 5 Slim has surfaced online.

Andrew Marmo, previously associated with developer Wired Productions and media outlet VGC, shared an image on Twitter, showcasing the PlayStation 5 (CFI-2016) “Slim.”

A video, uploaded by Better Way Electronics on Twitter, appears to offer a glimpse of the upcoming console. The footage suggests that the PS5 Slim is indeed slimmer than its predecessor and features a detachable disk drive, as initially reported by Insider Gaming in September 2022.

Notably, the smaller PS5 boasts two USB-C ports on the front, a notable upgrade from the existing version’s single USB-C and USB-A ports.

Although the authenticity of the video remains unverified, it aligns with the information reported earlier.

Insider Gaming’s previous article in September 2022 had also predicted a detachable disc drive for the new PlayStation 5 model.

A distinguishing separation line at the base of the console, visible at the 2-second mark in the video, seems to confirm this detail.

Interestingly, the revision to the PlayStation 5 is not necessarily a conventional “Slim” version. Instead, it’s aimed at streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing shipping costs, as per initial reports.

Recent court documents emerging from the Microsoft vs. FTC trial have alluded to the possible release of a “PlayStation Slim” later in 2023. You may also read Overwatch 2 Invasion Unveils Intense Story Missions and Exciting Updates.

Additionally, a significant discount on existing PlayStation 5 hardware has led some to speculate that Sony might be clearing inventory to make room for the impending new units.

Debates about the credibility of the PlayStation 5 Slim footage continue to circulate. As we anticipate official statements from Sony, it’s prudent to approach these unofficial previews with a blend of hopeful anticipation and wariness.

We invite you to share your perspectives on the possible PlayStation 5 Slim in the comment section. Your insights are highly appreciated.

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