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how many times have we heard that It is advisable not to have the same password for all websites, Till here it would be good to change them from time to time, If we do not take this into account, we are more likely to be victims of cyber attacks, have our identity stolen or personal data stolen. A password organizer can be the key.

A template is ideal for saving passwords: keep a record in which we write down all our passwords, and keep it in a safe place. A list containing all the websites you have registered with, and thus keep track of. That’s why we’ve created a free printable design for it. Start organizing and protecting your passwords with our handy password organizer,

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Tips for having a good password

Add changing passwords to your to-do list to keep your data well-protected. Follow these tips when creating new passwords:

1. Do not use personal data, No name, no date.

2. Two. Add Numbers, letters, symbols, uppercase and lowercase.

3. Create long password,

4. Use Something online password generatorThey are completely safe.

Free Printable Password Organizer

You’ll Never Forget a Password With This PDF Template to Save Password, Write down your username or email, your password, and any explanatory notes you need. Having a paper password organizer will make your management and organization a lot easier.

This template has space for you to fill in information for 8 websites to store web pages and passwords. Print what you want.

free printable password sheet
free printable password sheet
Free Printable Password Keep
Free Printable Password Keep

Password Organizer Template

Keep track of all your passwords with our printable password organizer template. Add it to your planner or bullet journal and have it on hand whenever you need it.

Password Saving Template Free

You can always create an Excel template to save passwords, or a word template, but you’ll definitely forget where you had them later. It may be more convenient for you to print the password organizer Put it on your agenda, planner or bullet journal,

Use any of our digital printable designs, they’re free, Print it on an A4 sheet or in the format most convenient for you.

To register passwords in this other template you can fill up to 15 websites with their respective usernames and passwords.

free printable password organizer template
free printable password organizer template
Basic Password List Template
Basic Password List Template

What do you think about our templates for organizing website registration and passwords? This is a great way to organize passwords on paper. If you would like to have a different password manager, please contact us.

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