Ginger’s Cluckin’ Comeback: Chicken Run Sequel’s Surprising Voice Change Sparks Controversy!

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McDonald’s Happy Meals are about to get a dose of humor like never before. After 23 long years since the release of the original Chicken Run, which made history as the highest-grossing stop-motion-animated film, the beloved claymation classic is finally getting a sequel.

The trailer for Aardman’s “Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” is here, and it takes the original gang of poultry on a daring adventure to break into Tweedy’s upgraded supermax factory farm, now guarded by “laser-guided exploding ducks.”

While Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha originally voiced Rocky and Ginger, they’ve passed the torch to Zachary Levi and Thandiwe Newton for this follow-up. You may also read Rock Star’s Heartbreaking Journey.

What was once depicted as an old-fashioned chicken coop in the first film has now transformed into an ultra-futuristic open-air prison in the sequel. Thandiwe Newton’s character, Ginger, escapes the community, only to return to rescue her fellow chickens who are unaware of their impending doom.

This isn’t just a Chicken Run movie; it’s like a blend of Chicken Run and Westworld, promising a unique cinematic experience. You can mark your calendars for its Netflix premiere on December 15, in case you’re seeking some delightful counterprogramming to Wonka.

Director Sam Fell is thrilled to reintroduce the iconic villain, Mrs. Tweedy, saying, “They say a movie is only as good as its villain, and Ginger’s nemesis, Mrs. Tweedy, is one of the all-time greats. Now she’s out to take industrial-scale revenge on all chicken-kind with the Dawn of the Nugget.

We’ve had so much fun working with Miranda Richardson to transform Melisha Tweedy into the ultimate 1960s super-villain. Miranda has a unique understanding of drama and comedy, making you laugh while scaring the pants off you in the exact same moment.

Also rounding out our fantastic cast is Peter Serafinowicz, playing Reginald Smith, a slightly bemused businessman visiting Mrs. Tweedy’s giant nugget factory. It takes a particular kind of comic genius to play the foil to Miranda Richardson’s hilariously frightening archvillain. Peter pulls it off with effortless finesse.”

From the multi Academy and BAFTA award-winning Aardman studio and the Academy Award® and BAFTA-nominated director Sam Fell, known for ‘ParaNorman’ and ‘Flushed Away,’ comes the highly anticipated sequel to the highest-grossing stop-motion animated film of all time, ‘Chicken Run.’

In ‘Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget,’ Ginger and her courageous flock, having escaped from Tweedy’s farm, have found their dream refuge on a tranquil island far from the perils of the human world. Ginger’s happiness is complete when she and Rocky welcome a little chick named Molly into their lives.

But danger looms on the mainland, as chicken-kind faces a new and terrifying threat. This time, Ginger and her team are ready to risk it all, even their hard-won freedom, for the cluck of their lives!

This new movie is brought to you by Aardman Animations, the creative minds behind Wallace & Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, and director Sam Fell, known for his work on ‘ParaNorman’ and ‘Flushed Away.’ (And if you’re a Wallace and Gromit fan, you’ll be delighted to know that a new movie is also coming to Netflix in 2024.)

The character’s current voice, Thandiwe Newton, is now only four years younger than Julia Sawalha, making it a curious choice to replace her as Ginger. In a public statement, Sawalha shared that she had provided the film’s producers with her own voice test, proving her ability to match her current voice to Ginger’s voice in the 2000 film. You should also check Shocking Clemson Football Upset.

However, the official response was disappointing: “Some of the voices (not yours, I agree) definitely sound older… we will be going ahead to re-cast the voice of Ginger.”Sawalha expressed her devastation and frustration, feeling powerless in the face of this decision.

Something doesn’t quite add up, and she senses it.She also expressed her sadness at losing the opportunity to collaborate with the renowned Nick Park and Peter Lord, who played a significant role in the creation of Ginger alongside her. It’s a heartfelt plea for reconsideration and a reunion with the character she helped bring to life.

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