Hololive EN’s Myth celebrates second anniversary with crazy 360 camera stream

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Hololive ONE is now two as Generation 1, Myth, celebrated its second anniversary on September 13th. Amelia Watson put together a crazy 360-degree camera stream for fans as they played games, performed songs and thanked viewers for their support.

It’s hard to believe that Hololive first entered the UK market two years ago. Since Myth ⁠ – featuring Gawr Gura, Mori Calliope, Ninomae Ina’nis, Takanashi Kiara and Amelia Watson ⁠ – entered the scene – has become the number one VTubing branch globally.

During these two years, every single member has succeeded in their own ways. Whether it’s Mori Calliope’s mega-concerts, or Gura’s record-breaking growth, or even the Aniplus café collaboration that recently brought the group to life in Korea with Kiara visiting; they all thrive.

They’ve done it through a mix of personality and innovation with plenty of hard work, all of which was on display during the group’s two-year anniversary on September 13.

The five Myth VTubers came together in their 3D low-poly outfits ⁠— a graphic upgrade of the smol models for their one year anniversary ⁠— and hung out on stage for two hours with the fans. Viewers were able to follow the action thanks to a 360-degree camera set up by Watson.

“It’s something that I don’t think a lot of people have tried in terms of VTubing,” she said, “so I thought it would be good to experiment a little bit. It was kind of scary because maybe it would fail or it would look super scary , but it seems you guys enjoyed it.”

The stream featured plenty of shenanigans, from a game of “Kiara Says” where they all failed miserably, to a concert where each member performed some of their iconic songs. In the end, it was a celebration of the past two years as they shared memories.

“It just flew by,” Kiara reflected. “In the beginning I didn’t think I would stream that much and I wouldn’t be here for two years. I was like “okay three streams a week, okay I think I can do that” and now I’m doing a million streams a week.

“It’s been so much fun that every day goes by in an instant, and then the next day, and then suddenly it was our one year anniversary and now it’s our second.”

Alongside the group anniversary, each of the Myth VTubers will be celebrating their individual anniversaries on their own channels throughout the week. Hololive has also released limited-time merch fans can pick up right now, and there are many more big announcements to come — including a new group song, Non Fiction


Now preparations begin for next year’s anniversary that will once again reinforce the last effort, and Calli already has some ideas: “It’s like we’re evolving like Pokémon. First year we were smols, then we were low poly models, next year we will be full 3D ⁠— I hope.”

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