Last Pair of Suspects in Montgomery Riverfront Brawl Voluntarily Surrender to Police

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By Johnni Macke

The remaining two individuals who were involved in the altercation on Montgomery, Alabama’s riverfront have now surrendered to the local police.

According to a spokesperson from the Montgomery Police Department, Allen Todd (23) and Zachary Shipman (25) turned themselves in on Wednesday evening.

This action followed their failure to comply with the initial request to surrender after a press conference regarding the brawl on Tuesday.

In connection with the riverfront brawl, both Todd and Shipman had outstanding arrest warrants, along with Richard Roberts (48), who was already in custody at the time of the aforementioned press conference.

The charges against them were for third-degree assault relating to the incident. You should also check Renowned Musician and Songwriter Robbie Robertson Passes Away at 80.

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, a member of the Democratic Party, expressed his disappointment on Wednesday morning, stating that Todd and Shipman had not fulfilled their commitment to surrender to the authorities.

Reed emphasized the Montgomery Police Department’s determination to ensure that justice is served in this matter.

The brawl, which attracted nationwide attention due to videos and memes circulating on social media platforms, unfolded when three individuals on a white pontoon boat reportedly confronted a Black riverboat captain over a dispute involving docking rights on the Alabama River.

The situation escalated into a tumultuous altercation, revealing stark divisions along racial lines. Passengers and bystanders on the riverboat cruise intervened to support the embattled captain.

This incident stemmed from a disagreement between the co-captain of the Harriott II riverboat, Damien Pickett, and the owner of a private pontoon boat.

The latter vessel was occupying the designated area of the riverboat.

After Pickett’s unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the pontoon boat’s occupants via the riverboat’s PA system, he enlisted the assistance of a 16-year-old white teenager in a smaller boat to physically relocate the pontoon boat.

Unfortunately, the situation escalated, leading to an alleged attack on both Pickett and the teenager by members of the pontoon boat group. You may also read Farewell to the Maestro Behind the Iconic “Cha Cha Slide” DJ Casper’s Passing at 58.

The episode has garnered significant attention on social media platforms, including Black Twitter, a community historically prominent on Twitter.

Despite shifts in the digital landscape and changes in user behavior, the incident quickly became a meme and subject of discussion, showcasing the persistent influence of Black Twitter even in a more scattered online environment.

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