‘Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane’ Author Was 95

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Laird Koenig, the writer known for his novel adaptation of the 1976 cult film “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane,” starring Jodie Foster, has passed away at the age of 95. Koenig died on June 30 in Santa Barbara due to natural causes. His writing credits also include notable films like “Red Sun” (1971), “Bloodline” (1979), and “Inchon” (1981).

Koenig’s talent for exploring the inner world of children with sensitivity and boldness was praised. His characters often displayed sharp wit and resilience in the face of challenging circumstances. Many of his works featured children navigating complex situations and often found themselves on the outskirts of society.

Born in Seattle on September 24, 1927, Koenig began his career in advertising before venturing into writing. He collaborated with Peter L. Dixon on several television episodes and worked on projects such as “Pinball” and “High Chaparral.”

In addition to “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane,” Koenig’s other notable works include “The Neighbour” (adapted into the film “To Kill Them Softly” in 1982) and “Morning Sun: The Story of Madam Butterfly’s Boy” published in 2012.

Laird Koenig is survived by his niece, Lisa, and nephew, Mark. His contributions to literature and film will be remembered for their unique portrayal of children’s experiences.

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