Best 65+ Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2021 For Friends, Family, & Everyone

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Here we are with Latest Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2021 To Friends, Family, & Everyone To Share On Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp and other social sites. The best thanksgiving quotes are simple and logical, presented in this article. Thanksgiving day is a golden day for people with religious and cultural importance. The people had a habit of giving thanks to the Almighty by giving the harvested benefits to him. But before that let’s us share some brief information about Thanksgiving Day.

What is the need for celebrating Thanksgiving Day?

The day of Thanksgiving is popularly known for the feast and celebration that takes place throughout the day! The view of golden brown roasted turkey meat with its legs tied induces any non-vegetarian lovers to fall in love with it. The juicy and succulent meat would stay in your tongue until the time rolls and ends with thanksgiving day of 2021.

Do the feast and celebration saturate a thanksgiving day? The main reason for celebrating the Thanksgiving feast is to renew our bonding towards the Almighty. The Almighty would cover his pinions and protect us from the arrow that flies by day and the pestilence in the dark. (Psalms 91). Let us get into the best gifts that the Almighty expects from us on this day of Thanksgiving (based on Christianity).

Let us esquire about the happiness and reason behind the Thanksgiving day before wishing your beloved ones like “Thanksgiving Quotes 2021 To Everyone.”

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2021

Thanksgiving Quotes 2021 To Everyone who likes to lead a life like the distinct one!

“Give Thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalms 106:1

As King David sings with all his heart to thank the Almighty, we should surrender ourselves with a grateful heart. The act of Thanksgiving gives immense joy to our Almighty and Jesus Christ. We are here to live under the commandments of the Lord without hatred, jealousy, pride, and other sinful activities. Giving thanks to the Almighty with a joyful heart replenishes our soul with eternal peace and joy. The grateful and forgiving heart stays close to the Lord. The Lord also stays with him in every critical situation. In short, being thankful to the Lord like every righteous people we see in the bible makes us one among them!

#1 Faith

The book of Luke – Chapter 17 – Verses 12 – 19 narrates the story of ten leprosy patients who got healed from Jesus Christ. All the ten leprosy patients got cured when they met the priests. Only one of them returned to Jesus and thanked the Almighty in a high voice. He fell on his feet and thanked him with a whole heart. Jesus inquired about the other nine. The absence of the other nine people made Jesus worried about their ungratefulness. Jesus said, ” Rise and Go; your faith has made you well.” Jesus expects our belief and faith in him. The hope in him should be like the woman who touched the edge of his jacket to get healed.

#2 Offerings with an open mind

The Almighty expects a generous heart that shares the wealth with the needful ones. The book of Mark – Chapter 12 – Verses 41 – 44 narrates about a poor helpless widow’s offerings. Jesus finds happiness in the widow’s innocent heart as she gave all of her wealth to the Lord without concern about herself and for tomorrow. The people with immense wealth gave their offerings in large sums, but the eyes of the Lord stayed in the offerings of that poor widow. The heart that has the anchorage at the Almighty without second thoughts. The Lord does not approve the offerings of Cain but was graceful at Abel’s offerings as he selected the best for offering to God. (Genesis 4). Practice the generosity in your hearts and celebrate this Thanksgiving Day as helping hands!

#3 YOU

A Woman is praying with tearful eyes.

Woman tearing eyes

Yes. It is you! Offering oneself for God’s plan is the best offering one could give in the presence of the Lord. God sees the heart, whereas a worldly man sees the appearance. The disobedience of Jonah made him suffer in the stomach of the fish and stopped his plan of escaping to Tarnish. The act of surrendering oneself to God’s Plan makes life more fruitful and positive. The best gift one could give on a Thanksgiving day is surrendering oneself with all his heart. Surrender the key of your heart to the Lord and let him make changes in you!


Giving thanks to the Lord with these three gifts is the basis to celebrate a thoughtful thanksgiving day. The cultural feast and celebrations add beauty to it. The gala with a strong belief in these gifts and festival beauty make a saturated heart. Send Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 2021 For Friends, Family, & Everyone and exponential your joy!

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