The Office Star Refunds Fan Donations Received for Uncle Stan Spinoff

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In a heartfelt Instagram update on Thursday, beloved actor Leslie David Baker shared news that he and his business partner, Sardar Khan, will be refunding all donations contributed by fans towards the envisioned spinoff project centered around his iconic character from “The Office,” Stanley Hudson.

The venture, named “Uncle Stan,” was introduced to fans through a Kickstarter campaign in 2020, with the ambitious goal of bringing the retired Stanley back to the screen. The proposed storyline revolved around Stanley receiving a call from his nephew, seeking assistance in managing his motorcycle and flower shop while also looking after his two children.

The initial crowdfunding target was set at $300,000, an amount that was significantly exceeded as the campaign concluded with a total funded sum of $336,450.53.

In a joint statement with Sardar Khan, Baker expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support of fans and apologized for the prolonged silence and lack of updates on the project’s progress. He candidly shared that unforeseen challenges, including COVID-related lockdowns, had contributed to the initial delays in production.

Furthermore, ongoing strikes within the entertainment industry, involving both writers and actors, have now resulted in an indefinite halt to the series’ development until a resolution is achieved.

Acknowledging the current economic climate, Baker and Khan made the decision to prioritize transparency and commitment to their backers. Despite the intention to eventually bring “Uncle Stan” to fruition, they concluded that issuing refunds was the most considerate course of action.

Baker assured supporters that their contributions had been meticulously managed and were allocated exclusively for reward fulfillment and potential refunds.

The actor empathetically revealed that the exact refund amount to be processed is $110,629.81. He clarified that a portion of backers had adjusted or withdrawn their pledges once the campaign concluded, leading to the revised figure.

Baker expressed regret for any confusion or inconvenience stemming from the campaign and reiterated his sincere appreciation for the ongoing loyalty of fans.

Leslie David Baker’s portrayal of Stanley Hudson in the NBC sitcom “The Office” left an indelible mark on audiences over the show’s nine-season run. In 2020, Baker excitedly hinted at the character’s return through engaging social media videos, generating a buzz among fans.

He shared his genuine enthusiasm for the project, envisioning it as a collaborative effort that would celebrate the devoted fanbase while delivering a high-quality production.

In a heartfelt conclusion, Baker offered reassurance to backers, ensuring them that their rewards would serve as tangible expressions of gratitude for their unwavering patience and support.

The statement concluded with a genuine acknowledgment of the overwhelming love received from fans and an optimistic pledge that the envisioned “Uncle Stan” spinoff might eventually find its way to the screen, becoming a source of joy for dedicated enthusiasts of both Leslie David Baker and the beloved “The Office” universe.

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