Unveiling the Michael Oher Conservatorship Controversy: A Closer Look at “The Blind Side”

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By Bella Kapulkin

In a surprising revelation, recent court documents shed light on a legal petition surrounding the conservatorship of Michael Oher, the real-life inspiration behind the heartwarming movie “The Blind Side.”

The papers highlight concerns raised by Oher’s legal representatives about the extent of control exercised by the Tuohy family, portrayed in the movie as Oher’s adoptive parents.

The petition challenges the notion that the arrangement was strictly a conservatorship due to Oher’s age, arguing that it was, in all practicality, an adoption.

The Unforeseen Conservatorship

The controversy centers on the conservatorship that was established for Michael Oher, despite his being over the age of 18 and reportedly without any physical or psychological disabilities.

The conservators, the Tuohy family, were granted remarkable control over Oher’s contract negotiations and decisions, a level of control that raised eyebrows given Oher’s legal status as an adult.

The petition suggests that this level of control was unprecedented and perhaps disproportionate to Oher’s circumstances.

Misrepresentation and Misunderstanding

One of the central allegations in the petition revolves around the way the Tuohys represented their relationship with Oher.

The petition claims that the Tuohys publicly portrayed themselves as Oher’s adoptive parents, even though the legal framework was officially designated as a conservatorship. You may also read Remembering the Legacy of Alex Collins: A Beloved Athlete and Friend.

The petition asserts that Oher was misled by the Tuohys into believing that the arrangement needed to be labeled as a conservatorship due to his age, when it was essentially functioning as an adoption.

The “Blind Side” Windfall

In a twist that adds financial complexity to the story, the Tuohys negotiated contracts for the film adaptation of Michael Oher’s life story, “The Blind Side.” These contracts secured substantial compensation not only for themselves but also for their two biological children.

The deals, brokered through Creative Artists Agency, entitled each family member to a considerable sum of $225,000 plus a 2.5% share of future “Defined Net Proceeds,” contingent upon Oher’s agreement.

The Aftermath

“The Blind Side” proved to be a major success, grossing over $330 million worldwide. As a result, the compensation linked to the contracts negotiated by the Tuohys became a significant matter of contention.

The petition raises questions about whether Oher was adequately informed and involved in these contract negotiations, considering the intricate financial implications for all parties involved. You should also check Rest Day for All Star Franco as Rays Prepare for Giants Series.


The ongoing legal petition surrounding Michael Oher’s conservatorship presents a complex narrative of control, misrepresentation, and financial interests.

As the court proceedings continue, the true nature of Oher’s relationship with the Tuohy family and the extent of their involvement in his decisions will likely come under greater scrutiny.

This case serves as a reminder of the complexities that can arise when legal arrangements intersect with personal relationships and financial gains, particularly when portrayed through the lens of a Hollywood success story like “The Blind Side.”

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